SAFETY FIRST OF ALL.  Safety right from the start.

The best way to handle trauma, especially on ski runs, is to keep it from happening. Do you agree?

Ski resorts do their best to provide their visitors with a safe environment. This is both because they care for them and also to avoid situations with law enforcement and insurance companies.

The baton of safely enjoying our beloved sport passes to the skiers. They are safe as long as they correctly behave while skiing or riding on the snow.

Behaving correctly is a habit that should and can be taught to skiers when they move their first steps with their skis on.

Teaching the love for safety and the mountains is a win-win strategy that sees two prominent organisations team up. FIS and FIPS. As you are reading this post, you surely know what FIPS stands for, and very likely you know FIS is the International Ski Federation.

FIS and FIPS have agreed to work together on this FIS project named “SnowKidz”. It is an action project aimed at bringing more children to the snow, let them discover winter sports and develop their passion for them.

One way to become passionate is having fun and enjoying the actions performed, so FIS and FIPS began sharing their respective attitudes with this goal in mind. Having kids enjoy skiing and keep returning to the mountains.

FIPS has invited its National and Associate Members to organize events in the SnowKidz program and share the knowledge they develop in the resorts they patrol at.

You can read about the events in previous winters here.

If you are a FIPS member, and you are thinking about organizing a SnowKidz event, please get in touch with or Luca Sardelli to share the news and ask for hints if needed. The SnowKidz website is the first source for information and guidance. FIPS members who have already worked on this project are willing and happy to share what they have learnt.

If you have organized or plan on organizing  a SnowKidz event, let us Know. Please send us the information, some pictures and links to the event, so we can share the news on our website and with the ski patrol community.


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