Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS) is an association incorporated in Canada. It is a limited liability company which aims to promote the sharing of knowledge and experience between people with a common interest in the development of best practice ski patrolling.

Its members meet every two years at a congress to discuss the developments in ski patrolling. At the same time, the Board meets to elect the executive and set the project agenda for the next two years.

The first congress took place in Calgary, Canada starting on 29 March 1979. It was jointly chaired by Mark Labow (Canadian Ski Patrol System) and Gary Bunce (National Ski Patrol System of the United States of America). The following representatives were in attendance: Gary Bunce, National First Aid advisor, NSPS; Dr. Warren Bowman, National Medical Advisor, NSPS; Tyler Davis, Eastern Regional Director, NSPS; George Freuden, National President, Australian Ski Patrol Association; Yasuo Oshawa, Ski Association Japan; Takeshi Miyazawa, Ski Association Japan; Cyrus Berry, National President, NZSRS; Graham Painter, Canterbury Ski Patrol; Mark Labow, Planning Committee, CSP; Lynne Gervais, CSP (Organizing Secretary); Frank Doucette, Assistant to President, CSP; Mike Steele, Member of the Board, CSP; Dave Richardson, CSP; Ed Hemmes, Banff Zone, CSP

It was resolved by the five nations represented that an international organization be formed for the safety and benefit of the Public. It was resolved that this body would be incorporated in Montreal (Canada) and would have the title of: Federation International des Patrouille de Ski (F.I.P.S.) Its English title would be: International Ski Patrol Federation (I.S.P.F.)

The Constitution was drawn up by International lawyers in Canada, keeping in mind the agreed aim of the Federation be to serve the skiing public, with subservient aims: to maintain standards, disseminate information, provide a forum for discussion and exchange of information, and set guidelines for the exchange of personnel. The Federation resolved not to discriminate between Volunteer and Professional Patrollers and henceforth they would be known as Paid Patrollers.


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