On March, 27th the Ski patrollers’ Professional board of our Region organized the test to access the upcoming ski patrolling course.

Fiftyseven candidates attended the selection and had to face four exercises to exhibit their capabilities.

Waiting for the admission test

They begun with a free run in which they had to execute a set of turn with growing radius; in the second run they’ve been asked to go through a few gates: nothing to share with a race course, just a fixed path to oblige them to execute the turns in specific points and with imposed radius.
The last two was focused on sideslipping and snow plow position: again a few gates were used to fix the paths the candidates had to follow. In the snow plow position test, after a couple of turn to the left and right, they had to stop on maxim steep between two gates and then start again.

The test session ended with an interview.

At the end of the day, twentyfour candidates passed the test and were admitted to the course.

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