The First FIPS Patroller ‘Listen – Learn – Perform’ Webinar a Success!

The Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS) held its inaugural patroller webinar on January 24th. Pediatric Assessment and Avalanche Safety – Probing Strategies, were two timely and significant topics that impact on patroller performance. Over 250 patrollers from about 15 countries registered for the webinar. The presentation time of 20:00 UTC meant many registrants could not join for the live presentation and would wait for this notice to view the recording of the webinar at another time. Over 100 registrants did join the live webinar.

Dr. Niels Giddons, a pediatric cardiologist and patroller, provided both anatomical and physiological information on the pediatric patient as well as very practical advice for patrollers both assessing and treating the young patient. In a clear, informative and interesting presentation, the FIPS audience came to understand and appreciate that “Children are NOT miniature adults”. Niels was introduced by the chair of the FIPS Medical Special Interest Group, Terry Abrams, who also posed participant questions to Niels at the end of this presentation. Other questions not able to be responded to in the webinar will be posted with answers on the FIPS website.

Manuel Genswein, founder of Mountain, focused on the most advanced and effective search and probe line techniques in avalanche rescue. Citing the latest research and experience, Manuel provided graphic demonstrations of the strategies that are provide the best opportunity to successfully rescue avalanche subjects. Emphasizing the use of proper technique, strategies and equipment, Manuel was able to demonstrate the potential to increase the survival rate for individuals caught in an avalanche. Johan Af Ekenstam, a professional ski patroller, avalanche dog trainer and avalanche forecaster from Sweden, introduced Manuel and relayed participant questions for Manuel’s consideration. Further questions not responded to during the webinar will be posted with responses on the FIPS website.

Further information about our two presenters and moderators may be found on the FIPS website.

FIPS appreciates the support of 

   Thanks to Helly Hansen for helping make this webinar possible.

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