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Ski Patrols and other alpine rescue organisations are able to share their experiences and knowledge through FIPS.   Since the formation in 1979, new members have progressively joined. The most recent national country member is Rumania.

FIPS has two Membership categories

Joining FIPS

National Member must represent patrols and patrollers for a particular country. They have a place on the Board of Directors, have full voting rights and pay the current National Member two-yearly fee.

Associate Members are other organisations with an interest in being associated with FIPS, are not on the Board, do not have any voting rights and pay a lesser Associate Member two-yearly fee.

Organisations interested in joining FIPS should complete a membership form available below and email to [email protected]. All applications are submitted to and must be approved by the Board. The Board normally only meets during a World Congress every two years.

Individuals associated with member organisations can register for access to the FIPS web site and participation in all FIPS activities. There are no individual two-yearly fees.

Application Form

To download a file click on the link. Some files are restricted, and to get them you must be a registered FIPS website user. Login or register through the menu items, or the widget at the bottom of the page.

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