FIPS, incorporated in Canada, has a Board of Directors representing the member countries and a supporting volunteer secretariat of Secretary, Treasurer and Legal Adviser.

There are Vice Presidents who assist with coordination within particular regions of the world as well as appointed Vice Presidents who take responsibility for specific aspects of the FIPS organisation.

FIPS funding is from organisation membership fees and by patroller attendance at the biennial Congresses.

FIPS Executive

FIPS has an Executive that regularly meets by Skype to manage the day-to-day business of the organisation. The Executive includes the President, the Co-president, the Secretary, the Treasurer, the Special Interest Group Coordinators, and other individuals, as required, for special meeting/congress planning/projects, etc.


Presidents of FIPS

Mark Labow
President 1979 to 2003
Bruce Lochhead
President 2004 to 2014
Jean-Louis Tuaillon
President 2014 to present

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