Our colleagues from Ski Patrol–Sweden organized a program titled “Junior Ski Patrol”. As you read forward, it spanned over five ski resorts.

This is the report from Marie and Tomas:

During spring 2021 junior ski patrol days were carried out in five Swedish ski areas. The initiative came from the MoU between FIPS and FIS.

The purpose was to get kids interested in skiing and ski safety, to become ambassadors for ski safety within their own villages. All the kids came from the local school in the villages nearby the ski areas. And of course, to get a glance of the work in a ski area, to learn how to call for help and primary treatment when there has been an accident.

What did they do? Information of skier’s responsibility code, how to handle a toboggan, how to free the airway, stop bleeding, how safety is managed in fun parks/avalanche areas and in the ski slope.
And not least have fun skiing!

The message: code and conduct regarding skiers/ski lift users responsible code went well, they all learnt a lot. We all had fun!

A great THANK YOU to our sponsors that made the day with a touch of gold for the kids.

Taiga (for beanies to the kids)
twICEme (for the lottery of ski helmets)
Beyond X for the vests
Profiltryckeriet (for printing the beanies)
Norling skylt (for Junior ski patrol batches).
Ski Areas: Riksgränsen, Hemavan, Björnrike, Idre Himmelfjäll and Järvsöbacken.

Beyond X made our vests that the youth wore during the day.

A big thank you to all the colleagues and friends from Ski Patrol Sweeden: great work!


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