FIPS’ President sent us a memo to share with all of us his thoughts on what happened in Haiti.

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Montreal, Canada,
January 2010.
Hello again…With the Haitian tragedy high on the international conscience this week…First of all I hope we are able to help out, in each SPO and as individuals.

Next I ask for your continuing support of the project to have our rescue and first aid qualifications recognized across agencies, enabling more resources available when needed.

As you may know ASPA have had (before 2007) their training programs accepted in a multijurisdictional federal environment by government departments including Education Ministries.

Also the large scale disaster in USA New Orleans brought the inconsistencies of having trained and qualified people unable to help in the rescue and assistance so badly needed.

The Tsunami is another excellent example of people wanting to help and where jurisdictions and agency territorial guarding made things more difficult.

Even communication codes are now being re-examined and review of “plain-speak” instead of conflicting numeric codes was discussed with a view to having various agencies able to communicate at the most basic level, by radio, etc…. 10 6 = what?

The European community is moving forward now to standardize training and qualifications in many professions and especially the so called health care sectors.

Please ask your SPOs to be sure to have your programs entered in this data base and grid.

Think not only outside the box… but outside the borders!

TKS and help Haiti if you can !

(Unfortunately there will be future needs too!).

Bruce Lochhead,

President FIPS.


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