The Mark Labow Award is created and sponsored by Dr. Sam Labow to honour his
brother Mark Labow, the founding president of Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles
de Ski (“FIPS”).

The award is presented on the occasion of each FIPS Congress to an individual or
organization who has demonstrated outstanding dedication to the aims and objectives of

The award is managed by a Board of Trustees which has full discretion as to the selection process and any other matters. The Board is made of four Trustees, in the event of the resignation, death or incapacity or refusal to act of any Trustee, the remaining Trustees shall promptly appoint another Trustee in his stead.

The first presentation of this award will take place at the 18th FIPS Congress, April 2011.

The Board of Trustees accepts candidatures submitted by any FIPS’ Board member at FIPS Secretary.

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