A most successful European Ski Patrol Meeting was held from 22-24 January at Montgenèvre, France. Some 55 patrollers attended with representatives from France, Scotland, Italy, Sweden and Romania. FIPS also welcomed potential new members from the Swiss Ski Patrol and Andorra.

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Activities included:

  • an on-snow avalanche training afternoon
  • presentations about the training and activities of their ski patrol organisations by Sweden, Scotland, France, Italy, Romania, the Swiss Ski Patrol and Andorra
  • preparation by FISPS for the FIPS 2016 Congress in Passo Tonali, Italy
  • discussion on the management of femoral fracture and suspected spinal injury with the associated importance of preventing hypothermia and the use of traction for femoral fractures. This was followed up by on-snow demonstrations of the management techniques used by various countries. Discussion also took place of neck immobilisation and clearing potential C-spine injuries
  • an excellent presentation by Anna Bågenholm and Torvind Naesheim on the severe hypothermia suffered by Anna in 1999 and her long term recovery after being swept into a stream under ice
  • discussion on new lighter explosives that have now become available for avalanche control
  • viewing of Gazex, Catex and “Daisy Bell” avalanche control systems on video, followed by inspection of local control measures

A special thank you goes to Sandrine Gioani from ANPSP as chief organiser of the ESPM, together with a thank you Marie Nordgren for arranging Anna and Torvind, ANPSP,  and Marc Fornesi and Daniel Garcin for technical support as most importantly the support of the resort management at Montgenèvre.

A full report on the meeting is available to registered users.

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  Réunion Européenne de Patrouilleurs/Pisteurs, Montgenèvre, France
» 253.7 KiB - 2015-04-03
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Cette réunion Européenne de Patrouilleurs fut organisée par la FIPS avec le support de l’ANPSP, afin d’encourager plus de participation des pisteurs/patrouilleurs européens et en préparation pour le Congres mondial 2016 de la FIPS à Passo-Tonale en Italie.

  European Ski Patrol Meeting Mountgenèvre, France January 2015
» 286.0 KiB - 2015-04-03
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This is the report from The European Ski Patrol Meeting in Montgenevre, France. The meeting was held to stimulate interaction between and greater involvement of European patrol groups and as a precursor to the 2016 FIPS congress in Italy at Passo Tonali.


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