Oberhofen, 27th January 2021 – One of the primary goals of Bring Children to the Snow has been the education and communication of how to be safe when skiing and snowboarding. A core part of this goal has been the 10 FIS Rules for the Conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders which in many countries has become the foundation for mountain safety. The mass adoption of these rules is in part thanks to the Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS).

FIPS is the international organisation representing ski patrollers and associated ski safety organisations with membership from throughout the world. These organisations comprise ski patrollers, physicians, lawyers, engineers, technicians, ski equipment manufacturers, snow sport instructors, ski area managers, policemen and women, ambulance officers, and a raft of other volunteers and professionals, who are involved in the multi-disciplinary activities of ski patrolling. Now FIS and FIPS will join forces under a new agreement for the purpose of Bring Children to the Snow.

FIPS President Jean-Louis Tuaillon said “The foremost interest of FIPS is in the safety of the participants and so , learning the basic rules as children is of utmost importance. Safety is also very important to the parents who send their children to ski in the best conditions and so by their example FIPS patrollers promote safety to everyone.By their work , patrollers from all over the world partake in the improvement of safety conditions on the hills and thereby welcome a greater number of children as new beginner skier/snowboarders.”

Together with FIPS, the partnership will focus on the following areas:

• Improved access to new formats of the 10 Rules for the Conduct of Skiers and Snowboarders.

• Development of new tools and safety procedures that will making education of snow safety easier for patrollers around the world.

• Educations, information and access to tools surrounding sustainability and health benefits of snow sports.

• Engagement of Ski Patrol units around the world in the Bring Children to the Snow campaign.

FIS President Gian Franco Kasper said “The safety of persons while skiing or snowboarding is paramount. And the knowledge of how to be safe while practicing skiing or snowboarding starts at a young age. We are confident through this partnership the safety of children all persons will be enhanced.”

The partnership will commence in 2020 and last for a duration of 3 years.

For more information about FIS click here:

  FIPS and FIS Memorandum of Understanding - Press Release (140.2 KiB, 249 hits)

For more information contact:
Rik Head
Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski
[email protected]

Andrew Cholinski
Coordinator Bring Children to the Snow
[email protected]
+41 (0) 33 244 6161

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