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News from AB Germa

This is a second post in a series, after the one about ABS Avalanche Aribag presentation; this space is limited to those companies who have been invited by a FIPS Congress Organizing Country and who have then attended a FIPS Congress with news about devices, clothes or other kinds of articles that may come handy in ski patrollers’ duty.

Ski patrollers who attended  FIPS’ Congress at ARE in Sweden would remember of AB Germa,  they had a variety of equipment set up and left it there in the display area for a few days.

In the PDF file linked here AB-Germa_Publikation_4_01-10_2012 you find the most recent, at time writing, issue of their newsletter.

Some of us who saw their article said: “They have some very interesting and innovative equipment”. Check out their website for more information.

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