This year has been a season for extremes, and although it started early enough the cover has never really to the point where we could say it’s a BIG year.
What we have had is a lot of windy days with stormy weather, lightning and torrential rain. As a result of strong high pressure cells over the centre of Australia, storms such as the one below were flying through, sometimes as often as twice a week.

The photos show the arrival of one such storm, which arrived in a great hurry, and provided us with a very unusual backdrop.

The storm is approaching.

In a few moments is over the resort.

Patrol managed to get up the lifts before it hit so we were in grand stand seats to see it come in, with winds reaching 153kmh at its peak. Some of us were unlucky enough to still be on the chair and had to wait for it to moderate enough to be slowly inched forward to the top. Worse of all there was no snow with it just more rain! And some people still can’t believe our climate’s changing.

Skipatrollers making for the refuge.

The weather passed by. Everyone is fine.

We live in interesting times…

Thredbo, Australia


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