In the end of October 2011 FISPS –Italian FIPS’ member– got in touch with a FIS Delegate Ms. Vestri and together started to plan a set of events to promote ski relate activities to be scheduled along the upcoming 2011-12 winter season.

Due to the lack of snow just one of them took place, the World Snow Day (WDS) on Monte Amiata on Jan. 22nd.

Many children and youths joined the event.

FISPS’ Instructors told the audience about good habits to follow while on the slopes, taught them the meanings of the signs they will see on the ski runs and answered their many questions.

FISPS Instructor tells about signs on the slopes.

SPM, world know brand in slope safety installation and apparel, is FISPS partner and delivered Italian Association with posters and other devices need to run the lessons on the slopes you see in the previous image.

Local and international logos too! In the area dedicated to the practice  and exhibitions local FISPS branch laid out a big banner showing their an FIPS’ logo.


The banner with local and FIPS logo was set in the area dedicate to the event.

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