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  1. FIPS’ flag. FIPS’ Congress

    FIPS’ flag. FIPS’ Congress

    FIPS’ President reminds us all: At each FIPS Congress our flag passes from host (France 2012) to host (Canada 2014) HERE IT IS AT CSP Headquarters in Ottawa !! (Side note – flag was hand sewn & made by ASPA in Australia and presented to FIPS at Thredbo in 1981). In a few days CSP’...

  2. Canada, here we come!

    Canada, here we come!

    FIPS’s President let us know the Board decided the location for next Congress. The canadian resort Sylvers Star will host the delegates and all the sessions of the 18th Ski-patrol Associations meeting. We like to cite FIPS’ Presidend words posted on facebook: This week in Chatel France CSP was the successful candidate and has been awarded the 19...

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