At the 2024 FIPS World Congress – Avalanche Special Interest Group


The program for the Avi day, Tuesday 23rd of April,  has a theoretical part  and a practical part. The theoretical part consists of two main presentations by Peter Paal and Torbjörn Ohlén. The practical part consists of three different workshops. An Excavation scenario while applying the AvaLife rescue algorithm, Advanced transceiver search/signal interpretation and  Recco advanced Rescue technology.


Dr. Peter Paal

Dr. Peter Paal is an anaesthesiologist and intensivist based in Salzburg, Austria. He has long standing interest in physiology and medicine in extreme environments.

Peter will give two talks:

Firstly, on avalanche survival and AvaLife. Knowledge of avalanche burial has increased substantially in the last years. Consecutively, devices to avoid death have been developed. The lecture will focus on mechanisms and outcome of avalanche burial, as well as AvaLife, which is a single and multi-burial rescue algorithm.

He will also give a second talk on accidental hypothermia including prehospital treatment. There will be a focus on technically challenging rescue in patients with cardiac arrest from hypothermia. In this case intermittent cardiopulmonary resuscitation (iCPR) is required. iCPR is a concept to perform CPR in technically challenging transport scenarios where continuous CPR is not possible and mechanical chest compression not available.


Torbjörn Ohlén 

Torbjörn Ohlén is a Master Sergeant and military mountain guide, Heeresbergführer, with 35 years of service in the Swedish armed forces, where he is responsible for all mountaineering and climbing training.  He is part of the “best practice in avalanche rescue” workgroup within

Torbjörn will give two talks:

Firstly, on transceiver technology and transceiver signals. How transceivers identify signals, how to interpret the analog signal and manage overlapping signals.

He will also give a brief talk on excavation using the “conveyor belt” technique.



Jonas Björklund – Host

Jonas is the coordinator of the Avalanche Special Interest Group. He is a professional ski patroller since 16 years, lead instructor of the Swedish ski patrol training program and a Canadian Avalanche Association ITP Level 2 avalanche technician.





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