Risk Management Special Interest Group Chair, Ed Gassman posts some Best Practices guidelines.

Our Risk Management SIG is looking for members to join the group and to have some open discussions regarding best practices for risk management.

What is Risk Management?

  • Many definitions, often times specific to the particular industry
  • Generally, involves limiting a business’ financial exposure by identifying and reducing financial risks and
  • “The skill or job of deciding what the risks are in a particular situation and taking action to prevent or reduce

Collins Dictionary



  • “Skill”= What department at the resort is the highest skilled?
  • “Decision Making” = What department at the resort is faced with making the most significant, time-sensitive, risk-sensitive decisions on any given day at the resort?
  • “Taking Action”= What department at the resort is required to take action (not mull over and methodically analyze) when it comes to responding to, and mitigating, risks?


Have we piqued your interest yet! Want to join the Risk Management group, just click the link below.

Groups – Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (fips-skipatrol.org)

Want to read the Risk Management Best Practices paper. Just click below.

  Risk_Best_Practices_2023-02-18_V1.pdf (417.3 KiB, 246 hits)

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  1. dbpeer 12 months ago

    Ed, I’m interested in joining the Risk Management SIG. I am a patroller from Canada and a Professional Engineer that has dealt with risk in my work.


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