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Join us at the 2018 FIPS Congress

Earlybird bookings for the 21st FIPS Congress to be held at Rosa Khutor, Sochi, Russia on 20-27 January 2018 are now open. It has taken longer than we would have liked but it was important to have the process checked and tested.

To attend the Congress at Rhosa Khutor you must register, pay for your booking and then you will receive an official invitation to attend. This, together with your airline booking, are required as part of your Russian visa application. Note: If you plan to also travel elsewhere in Russia you must have an associated invitation for that accommodation when applying for your visa

Prior to making your booking it is suggested you download booking instructions from the FIPS web site. These specifically apply for USA and Canada but are generally relevant for all countries

To make your Congress booking

Full information about the booking process, visa’s accommodation and transfer is available on the 2018 Congress page.

Go to the Rosaski web site directly: https://shop.rosaski.com/en/offers/fips-2018/

Follow the booking steps on the Rosaski web site. You will need to pay by credit card.

Note that you may be asked for your Patronymic Name – this is your father’s first name with a vich added to it eg Johnovitch, Billovitch, etc.

Earlybird bookings must be made and paid by 31October 2017. Normal bookings can still be made until 18 December.

For any queries email Valeriya Pustinnikova at Pustinnikova_VY@rosaski.com


Rik Head

Secretary FIPS




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