At the 2024 FIPS World Congress – Avalanche Special Interest Group

Riksgränsen Risk Management Presentation

Please come join us for the risk management, short classroom and on the hill exploration. Most ski areas now have someone dedicated to risk management. Whether your ski area has one or does not have one it is important for every patroller to understand risk management: how you oversee your own personal risk management, the risk management for the public and the risk management for the Ski area. Everything we do as Ski patrollers from driving to the Ski area, parking, entering the lodge, eating or preparing food, putting on our equipment, skiing, helping the public, providing medical treatment, on the hill maintenance, etc. deals in risk management. Learn how to identify personal risk, public risk and ski area risk. Learn the three things you can do once you identify the risk.

My background. I have 50 years of Ski Patrol experience both as a paid professional, and a volunteer. I was trained at the paramedic level in the military, and currently maintain my national EMT certification. I have been involved in 4 Olympics: two heading up Ski Patrol activities, two working as part of FIS as a Race Official involved with setting the courses, timing, etc. I have raced with the Ski Team and currently am a ski Team Coach and Race official. I was also originally involved with the recent China Olympics but did not get to participate along with other key US patrollers due to national security.

Finally, I am an attorney and have worked with numerous ski areas helping set up risk management programs. I also have worked with US State Supreme Courts and some foreign courts in defining ski law and am currently a counselor with the US Supreme Court.

Hope to see you at FIPS.

Ed Gassman
Risk Management SIG

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