Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS) is an international corporation made up of ski patrol organisations representing ski patrollers and ski safety bodies in their respective countries.

These organisations comprise ski patrollers, physicians, lawyers, engineers, technicians, ski equipment manufacturers, snowsport instructors, ski area managers, policemen and women, ambulance officers, and a raft of other volunteers and professionals, who are involved in the multi-disciplinary activities of ski patrolling.

FIPS has representatives from all of the major ski nations on its Board, and meets every two years, inviting delegates from the skiing nations to discuss and disseminate information on new ski rescue techniques, avalanche rescue, search and rescue, medical management of ski injuries, legal issues, and ski safety, alpine risk management and accident prevention.  As well as professional and volunteer patrollers in attendance, there are ski area managers and many people involved in mountain search and rescue.

What is FIPS Information Sheet can be downloaded clicking here (for Russian translation нажмите здесь).

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FIPS Newsletter – December 2014

Rik, FIPS Secretary, let us have the December 2014 issue of FIPS newsletter.

In it, readers will be able to find news and updates on what is happening in our Association.

To download the news letter click on icon below:

PDF documents

In the future, past issues will be available through “FIPS newsletter”  in the “Dowload” menu just below the header image.

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Sight and sounds form XIX FIPS Congress

If you didn’t attend to FIPS’ Congress in Big White, you missed a lot of great moments.

The saying is “A picture is worth a thousand words”, so what about a movie clip?

Thank you Duncan for this wonderful movie!

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2016 Congress. Ponte di Legno and Adamello Ski

Ponte di Legno is a small city in the central part of Italian Alps  and is part of Adamello Ski Consortium along with Passo Tonale and Presena glacier.

Ponte di Legno won the competition among other Italian resort which offered to host the 2016 FIPS World Congress and will welcome all delegates from FIPS’ Member Association from April 2nd to April 9th.

FISPS local branch and all the board members are already working to have all the topics in order to offer a great experience to all the friends in FIPS.

See you soon!

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Italy 2016, here we come!

In the second meeting of the Executive Board, FIPS’ Delegates voted to decide in which site the 20th Congress will be hosted.

In the days before, Italian and Russian representative showed their friends the proposal for hosting the upcoming FIPS’ gathering.The talks went on in the following hours and days, Italian and Russian patrollers invited the congress attendees to focus on the best in matter of price, special features, events in the surroundings.

The count of the votes,  headed by Ed Gassman (FIPS’s Legal Advisor) said the most part of Patroller preferred to go to Italy.

So, as stated in the title: FIPS 2016, Italy here we come!

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Patrollers from Around the World Convene in Canada

The title of this post is taken from an article published on ski-patrol.net.

The author talks about FIPS, its birth and about our biannual Congress hosted around the world.

These are the first two paragraphs:

Patrollers from 13 or more countries are gathering at Big White resort in British Columbia, Canada from 29 March to 5 April 2014. This will be the 19th Congress or meeting of the Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS) member patrollers.

FIPS members gather biannually in member countries forming an international network of ski patrollers with the intent to discuss and disseminate information on new ski rescue techniques, avalanche rescue, medical management of ski injuries, search and rescue, legal issues, ski safety, alpine risk management and accident prevention, both on and off the snow.

We invite you to read the whole text following this link

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Slopes’ safety, waiting for the snow

The weather events in Christmas Day and during the next two ones made difficult for the managers to open the ski resort of Piancavallo. The rainfall in those three days eroded the snowpack, partly natural and partly produced by snowmaking system, on the ski runs.

The commitment, professionalism and the work of the Management and all the staff of Piancavallo resort let the skiers access at least part of the ski slopes, that were in good condition in spite of the storm.

A contribution was also given by the ski patrollers and ski rescuers who worked together with the staff of the resort to improve slopes’ safety condition, even removing outcropping rocks, both on the runs open to skiers and on those still closed to prevent the the stones from mixing to the snow that will be worked by snow groomer.


Working on the slopes. Removing the stones before snow groomers arrival.

Working on the slopes.
Emptying the bucket on the border.

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19th Congress. Official dates

In these days we received a few updates about FIPS 19th Congress. It moved to Big White Ski Resort and registration with guaranteed space will be open unti Dec., 31st 2013 as long as Space permits.

To summarize all, we remind to all attendees the dates. Ski patrol from all around the will meet in Big White from Saturday March 29, 2014 to Saturday April 5th, 2014.

So, see you there!

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BASP Newsletter, March 2013

Hello all dear friends,

we publish this short post to let all know about the latest issue of BASP News letter.

Clicking on this link you will be able to download the issue published in March 2013.
Enjoy reading!

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Theorie documents for education about avalanches

Our friend Marc Z. from Switzerland let us know about an important finding he did while reading the web.

Marc found in this page hosted in Manuel Genswein’s web site some papers about avalanches available to download.

All of us who took part to the 2009 FIPS Congress in Åre for sure remember the sessions held by Mr. Genswein on avalanches and on search for buried skiers in avalanches.

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NSP 75th anniversary. A long road

In these days our friends in NSP are celebrating their 75th anniversary: what a goal, what an achievement!

To learn a little more about this great team, we invite you to visit their web site: www.nsp.org and particularly take a look at the 75th anniversary section, here.

We attach here a PDF Document containing a few information about the upcoming celebrations.

All FIPS’ Members join NSP Patrollers and wish them many more anniversary parties.

Good job guys,  hope to meet you for a sweep on the slopes and cheers together.

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