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  1. Châtel live Channel

    Châtel live Channel

    The start of 2012 FIPS’ Congress is coming closer and closer. Châtel, the resort that will host the meeting, broadcasts information about happenings in the skiarea, about the weather, about slopes a lifts via this channel: http://live.chatel.com/english-version.html Stay connected, stay updated.

  2. Jocke Nyberg memories and Fund

    Jocke Nyberg memories and Fund

    We receive the information from the friends in SLAO and forward to the readers of this blog. Marie let us know they are putting together a book with all the images and memories about Jocke from friends who met him while on duty, in the congresses in other happenings. If you have any, please send...

  3. Goodbye Jocke

    Goodbye Jocke

    We regret to write this post because we are saying goodbye to a friend. An avalanche took away Jocke while he was carrying out his duty in avalanche safety check. In this article is possible to read more about the accident. All of us will miss him.

  4. Sciare Magazine talks about Pierre Pedroli

    Sciare Magazine talks about Pierre Pedroli

    Sciare Magazine is a Italian review focused on the world of ski and mountain as its name plainly says: “sciare” is “to ski”. Since a few years, FISPS (Italian Ski Patrol Association) started a contribution with the magazine an every two weeks a post on the magazine talk to the reader about the world of...

  5. Italian magazine talks about FIPS

    Italian magazine talks about FIPS

    Along last winter season FISPS, FIPS member from Italy, started an interesting cooperation with Sciare Magazine a monthly review focused on ski. The Editor board, a couple of months after the end of the publishing season, authorized FISPS to publish on its website the PDF files with the article printed on the review.

  6. FIPS’ 18th Congress. In Chatel, France.

    FIPS’ 18th Congress. In Chatel, France.

    A few moments ago FIPS’ President, Mr. Lochhead, sent us a memo to confirm us that the 18th FIPS’ World Congress will take place in April 2012. It will be organized in Chatel, Haute Savoie, France and Mr. Jean-Louis Tuillon will be in charge of the event. FIPS’ members will meet there from April 14...

  7. 18th FIPS Congress ** CANCELLED **

    18th FIPS Congress ** CANCELLED **

    All of us have heard from the news about the happenings in Japan: the earthquake, the tsunami and their consequences. We are glad to know the friends we met in Åre are okay, but there are many uncertainties regarding infrastructures, airports just to name one. The organization committee regrets to take this decision, but had...

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