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  1. FISPS 25th Anniversary

    FISPS 25th Anniversary

    Yesterday, November 21st, FISPS members gathered in Passo Tonale to celebrate the 25th anniversary of FISPS’s Foundation. The congress was also an opportunity to meet new friends from different teams while skiing on the new snow and to hold the Members’ meeting.

  2. First snowfall in Piancavallo

    First snowfall in Piancavallo

    Piancavallo is a small resort (about 20 chilometers of slopes) in north-est side of Italy. Early in the morning it is possible look at the glittering of the sea. Last week we had the first snowfall: about 30 centimerters (12 inches), not enough to open the resort.

  3. 2009 Ski season in Australia

    2009 Ski season in Australia

    This year has been a season for extremes, and although it started early enough the cover has never really to the point where we could say it’s a BIG year. What we have had is a lot of windy days with stormy weather, lightning and torrential rain. As a result of strong high pressure cells...

  4. Are you coming to Serbia?

    Are you coming to Serbia?

    “When?” – “Next Monday.” – “Mhmm… Okay. Where we’ll meet?” My last journey to Serbia started this way. A friend of mine was going to Belgrade to meet his business agent for the area of Serbia and Montenegro and go along with him to visit a couple of ski resorts to present the new catalog...

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