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FIPS Ski Patrol Congress 2022 – La Plagne to proceed


With all of us currently surviving the Covid-19 pandemic with restricted travel, lots of handwashing
and social distancing it is good to be able to think forward to the time when some normality has
returned and ski patrols are again operating. Many resorts in the southern hemisphere are unlikely
to operate as normal during their upcoming winter, if at all.

Thanks to the internet, skype, zoom, etc FIPS personnel continue to stay in communication. The
President and the Executive are well advanced in planning for the 23rd FIPS Congress at La Plagne
scheduled for 7-14 April 2021 2022.

At this early stage the program at the La Plagne congress looks like it will include:

  • avalanche management, use of gazex, catex (bombtram) and avalancheur (gun)
  • use of rescue dogs
  • the needs of persons with disabilities
  • the impact of Covid-19 of resorts, patrol organisations and patrollers
  • Focus activities for the Special Interest Groups

The Medical SIG is likely to focus on:

  • Prevention of incidents and injuries
  • Infection control and the lessons from Covid-19
  • Paediatrics – they are not just little adults
  • Positioning for transport

More information will be available in the next few months once all the arrangements and the
booking processes are finalised

Be aware FIPS is working positively towards the Congress being held in 2021 but will have a
contingency in place, if needed.

Stay safe, stay distanced

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