Fédération Internationale des Patrouilles de Ski (FIPS) is an international corporation made up of ski patrol organisations representing ski patrollers and ski safety bodies in their respective countries.

These organisations comprise ski patrollers, physicians, lawyers, engineers, technicians, ski equipment manufacturers, snowsport instructors, ski area managers, policemen and women, ambulance officers, and a raft of other volunteers and professionals, who are involved in the multi-disciplinary activities of ski patrolling.

FIPS has representatives from all of the major ski nations on its Board, and meets every two years, inviting delegates from the skiing nations to discuss and disseminate information on new ski rescue techniques, avalanche rescue, search and rescue, medical management of ski injuries, legal issues, and ski safety, alpine risk management and accident prevention.  As well as professional and volunteer patrollers in attendance, there are ski area managers and many people involved in mountain search and rescue.

What is FIPS Information Sheet can be downloaded clicking here (for Russian translation нажмите здесь).

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